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Our all natural dietary supplements are based upon orthomolecular research pioneered by two-time Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Linus Pauling. Ortho-molecular seeks to restore the optimum ecological environment for your body's cells by correcting sub-clinical imbalances and vitamin deficiencies. This balanced approach includes natural vitamins, trace minerals, superfoods, antioxidants, adaptogens, glyconutrients, phytonutrients, omega 3s, enzymes, amino acids, resveratrol, and Probiotics.

Pure, Potent, & Proven Natural Vitamins

Natural Biology guarantees our natural micro-nutrients for purity and potency.

USDA Organic & USP Certified

All micro-nutrients are tested in the USA and our formulas are the meta-analysis of university research.

SUPERFOODS, Antioxidants, Resveratrol, & Omega 3s

VITA-TRATES is a premium blend of Vital Micro-Nutrients that play a significant role in your Energy, Well-Being, pH Levels, and Immune System. It is the 100% Natural Way to Gain Energy, Balance Your Weight, and Live a Better Life.


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Vintage Resveratrol THE BEST

I want to take resveratrol after doing some research but finding a good product has been difficult. I have used multiple resveratrol products that have either just not worked at all or made me sick. Since using Vintage Resveratrol I feel the difference. The quality is obvious. My energy level is up. I get sick less often and I feel my overall health has improved. It is a great product I would highly recommend to anyone.

Sharon Stone from Washington, DC


I Feel So Much Better

I have been a Natural Biology Customer for years. This product made a huge difference in my energy and just made me feel overall so much better. Steve listened to my needs and recommended I try this and I am glad i did.




This is an amazing product. I've researched Superfoods and Natural Biology does it right. They use the best natural antioxidants and the Superfoods that deliver nutrition that is dense and can be absorbed and used. All of this and they provide one of the best Omega 3 sources in the world. I feel great using this product and would highly recommend it.


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