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Can Brain Magnesium Help Me Think Clearer

How Important is Magnesium to the Human Body?

Magnesium, as the fourth most abundant element in the body, is one of the many elements that is absolutely vital to the functioning of the human body. For example, more than 300 enzymes responsible for biosynthesis and cellular metabolism require magnesium in order to function, and all tissues and organs require magnesium.

Research has found that sleep, stress relief, and mood stabilization benefit from magnesium. Additional research is currently being devoted to the element's suspected role in cognitive functioning, but nothing has been proven at this point.

What is Magtein or Brain Magnesium Developed at MIT?

Magtein is a magnesium-based super-mineral compound derived over the course of 10 years by scientists at MIT, among them a Nobel Prize laureate. Research has already suggested many possible benefits to overall brain health. Results from animal studies have provided evidence that Magtein can improve memory, recognition, and learning processes. Additionally, it is possible that Magtein can aid in energy, sleep, and relaxation.

Who Can Use Magtein?

Magtein is safe for use, but the people who will benefit the most from this product are individuals suffering from any sort of loss or decrease in cognitive functioning. This can include people with impaired memory, lack of focus, or an increase in stress. Magtein is an odorless compound with a subtle taste, so it is inoffensive to the senses, unlike some other products currently available in the nutraceutical market.

A decline in cognitive functioning is associated with the aging process. For individuals in the United States, life expectancy has increased from 47 to 77 in the past 100 years, so the population as a whole is more likely to experience cognitive decline. For this reason and more, products like Magtein are important. Other populations that can benefit from Magtein include individuals experiencing sleep disturbances and the large student population.

How and Why Does Magtein Work?

Magtein, unlike many other compounds, is able to cross the blood brain barrier, the system that prevents some substances from reaching the brain from the circulatory system. For this reason, Magtein has high bioavailability within the brain, as well as the potential to increase the density of the brain's synapses. An increase in the density of the brain's synapses is particularly crucial because there is a hypothesized connection between synaptic density in the brain and age dependent memory loss. Other magnesium-based compounds are unable to cross the blood brain barrier, so Magtein is currently the only magnesium-based compound that can effectively raise the levels of magnesium within the brain itself. For this reason, other magnesium compounds do not have a significant and observable change in the functioning of the brain, particularly in terms of the suggested benefits to memory and cognitive processes.

Results from animal studies have found that Magtein increased the learning ability, working memory, and short- and long-term memory of rats across different age groups by increasing magnesium levels within the brain. It was also noted that other, more common magnesium compounds did not have the same effect. A human-based study is currently underway at the University of California, so more information on effects in humans will be available at the conclusion of that study.

Magtein has undergone research to determine its status as a safe product. Multiple experts were called upon to review safety concerns about Magtein, and the experts agree that Magtein meets the standards for self-affirmed GRAS status. The team of experts determined that the compound is safe for use in functional baked goods, beverages, breakfast cereals, milk and milk products, and snack foods.

Natural Biology is currently experimenting with Magtein and plans to offer a pure version of the product in 2012. Steve Bruner, President and Founder said "I added Magtein to my supplements. This is a big step for me because I do not believe in taking a lot of supplements, just really good ones. Since adding Magtein I do not believe I have dreamed this much since I was a small kid. About an hour or two after I take it I feel almost euphoric. It has also improved my bowel function. At this point, I believe it has helped my cognitive abilities, but then I already take EVERST Earth & Sea Formula and occasionally Brain Rocket so I do not know if I'll see a substantial improvement - but I plan to give it to my parents in the late 70s and from the research I have read I believe it will help them as well as anyone seeing some cognitive decline. The MIT research is outstanding.