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BRAIN ROCKET - The Brain Supplement for Cognitive Power

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The Brain Supplement for Cognitive Power

BRAIN ROCKET is scientifically engineered with 100% pure & natural ingredients to increase the speed of neural transmission and information processing:
      • Improves Concentration
      • Sustains Focus
      • Supports Memory Recall
      • Increases Mental Alertnness
      • Think Faster

Brain Rocket increases natural oxygen flow for your brain for up to 6 hours. This helps you feel mentally alert, improving concentration and focus. For healthier long-term memory it provides key nutrients your brain requires for maintaining a healthier brain function (cognitive) -thus steadily improving neural transmission speed. Best of all, unlike many memory loss supplements on the market, Brain Rocket does all of this without the use of any stimulates.
Works within the first hour - last 2 to 6 hours...
Active compounds in Natural Biology's BRAIN ROCKET complex are supported by clinical research and have been cited in over 2,500 university studies. Just one of the active components alone has been demonstrated in clinical test to safely increase short-term memory and reaction speed in excess of 35%. Physicians in Europe are well-known to recommend it to patients struggling with a variety of challenges because it increases oxygen flow to the brain.

BRAIN ROCKET supplements use common and inexpensive ingredients. We believe research supports day-to-day brain health is best supported by products that use the highest quality cognitive boosters. Natural Biology provides daily support products for your total health that far exceed the ingredients found in a majority of brain-only supplements. We highly recommend EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula, Norwegian Omega 3, or Arctic Ocean Krill Oil.

You can take Brain Rocket by itself or when combined with a good daily supplement like EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula along with 2 grams of a high quality Omega 3 - we think you will discover for yourself the ultimate in brain support, function, and performance.


BRAIN ROCKETTM increases brain speed by increasing oxygen flow to the brain - and by providing key micro-nutrients which create the idea environment for increasing neural transmission. It is the same feeling runners experience when they say "they are in the zone." It is a higher sense of confidence! Mentally clarity helps you think faster, remember, organize, and make decisions. It is a healthy way to racket up your mental capacity without the use of drugs.

The Formula Works Fast

Natural Biology uses in our advanced products the orthomolecular method which seeks to correct imbalances and deficiencies using high potency micro-nutrients as well as the purest extract strengths available. BRAIN ROCKETTM optimizes the uptake of these critical micro-nutrients research has proven to exponentially accelerate cognitive function. BRAIN ROCKETTM works within the first hour. It is safe and has no side-effects.

Science & Nature: Increase Brain Speed

Scientist concur Brain Rocket exponentially increases brain speed because of these processes:

Improves neural connectivity: Natural Biology’s proprietary formula uses micro-nutrients research has demonstrated has very proactive cognitive function, thus improving memory, focus, and concentration. BRAIN ROCKET'STM ingredients have been tested by Natural Biology for over 2 years, is considered by pharmacology and physiology PhDs and MDs to be the strongest and most rapid-acting cognitive performance aid available without prescription.

Meets all USP (US Pharmacopeia) standards for quality, potency, purity, and disintegration. We guarantee BRAIN ROCKETTM is made with pharmaceutical grade micro-nutrients and are tested free of any contaminants or toxins. We guarantee our proprietary ingredients are based on the latest scientific research and are constantly updated and refined whenever new research suggests a better alternative. Natural Biology labs uses progressive formulations with all advanced products to insure all products remain cutting edge and establish new historical benchmarks.

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