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In Nature Not All Things are Equal, Some are Superior - and Proven by Science

Mission Cellular Health – is determined by trillions of cells that make up your body. Essential micro-nutrients (vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, glyco-nutrients) are needed for all the bio-chemical reactions that take place in your body. When your cells are healthy, you are healthy. When your cells are deprived of vital micro-nutrients, these deficiencies may cause serious health problems. Cellular dysfunction ultimately leads to the development of chronic disease(s). Today, more than ever, we need and extra layer of micro-nutrients protection to combat the harmful chemicals found in our water, food, and our environment which includes our homes!

The evidence for this is our family and friends. Look at the number of medical treatments and prescription drugs being prescribed for diseases that virtually did not exist 100 years ago. Medically we have come a long way in eradicating deaths due to infection, injury, and epidemic threats like polio, but at the same time cancer(s), diabetes, cardio-vascular disease(s), depression, asthma, allergies, and weight gain have exploded onto the scene of human history. Research indicates this is due largely in part to sub-clinical deficiencies – our bodies are simply not receiving from our diets enough of what they really need to fight off toxins and stresses of modern living.

Therefore, to address this cellular health problem, we must insure we give ourselves the resources available today that will nourish, protect, repair, and rejuvenate cellular health. These are exciting times because today science is at an exponentially accelerated rate discovering the secrets of nature – and today there are thousands of university studies surrounding micro-nutrients that validate our products.

Natural Biology uses meta-analysis which is a method of analyzing research and translating that research our products. These natural products will increase your bio-energy because they contain higher potencies of active ingredients research has proven your cells will respond to – thus revolutionary cellular health….

(This is the orthomolecular approach of changing your cellular environment to improve one’s health.)

The Natural Biology Difference is the Formula:

  • Micro-Nutrients – are natural organic or inorganic substances. What separates the best-of-class is the active ingredient profile. Natural Biology goes to great lengths to insure each ingredient we use has the highest possible active ingredient(s). We use ingredients from over 50 different countries from around the globe to insure best of class.
  • Bio-Balanced – insures the formula you are taking is comprehensive and complete – optimizing the potency, purity, and amount of the micro-nutrients you are receiving
  • Progressive Formula - simply means that research will constantly provide new discoveries that will improve our quality of life with better micro-nutrients. Natural Biology is committed to make adjustments to our formulations on a timely basis to insure our products reflect these advancements.
  • Potency – is the purity of the ingredient and amount used. Natural Biology uses the average potency of the major clinical data from university research. This is the same amount often recommended by holistic physicians and other health care specialist.
  • Ortho-Molecular Research - aims to restore the optimum ecological environment for your body's cells by correcting imbalances or deficiencies - using 100% pure and natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, extracts, enzymes, antioxidants, adaptogenics, phyto-nutrients, herbs, and glyco-nutrients.