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CoQ10 Research
Current research into Co-Q10, also known as "Vitamin Q," has shown a number of fascinating health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, counteracting degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and muscular dystrophy, boosting energy, and helping to treat heart failure.Most scientist see CoQ10 as a great energy source for the body and mind. Everything relies on good energy to function particularly brain function but CoQ10 has particularly high benefit for cardiovascular health.
The benefits seem limitless, and while research is still ongoing and not yet conclusive, results thus far are promising. Co-Q10 is a naturally-occurring enzyme in every cell of the body, particularly in the energy-producing mitochondria organelles within the cells. As a component of the electron transport chain, it is an integral part of the cellular respiration process, which transforms food and air into ATP, or energy, that we use to go about our lives. ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is used to power 95% of the body's functions, both conscious and unconscious.
Low Energy
People with low levels of Co-Q10, therefore, don't transform food into energy as efficiently as people with normal levels, and thus their bodies simply have less energy overall. The immune system is compromised, cell repair is limited, toxins aren't flushed as effectively, and blood sugar levels don't stabilize as quickly, among other things. Almost everything that you'd like your body to do on its own is impaired by not having enough ATP.
If Co-Q10 isn't present in large enough quantities, the body won't produce enough ATP. This justifies the current findings of researchers which show the ubiquitous health benefits of Co-Q10 dietary supplementation.Whether you're recovering from heart failure, suffering from high blood pressure, or even have migraines on a daily basis, research has shown that Co-Q10 supplements can help alleviate your symptoms. By attacking the root of the problem - your body's energy supply - they pave the way for your body to heal itself.
Overall Health and Natural Healing
Much of the latest research has been on the side of overall health and preventative medicines, tools to stimulate the body into activating its own natural healing mechanisms. While this research takes longer to prove its effectiveness, studies such as those performed by Lars Ernster of Sweden have shown convincing results. Ernster's research, almost twenty years old now, has shown Co-Q10 to be a powerful antioxidant, likely due to its ability to energize the body to deal with free radicals that otherwise would have been free to roam and cause havoc. Even earlier than that, Professor Karl Folkers proved the correlation between heart disease and low Co-Q10 levels, and received national awards for his contributions.
The fact that Co-Q10 hasn't been made more available is a mystery having a lot, perhaps, to do with its unmarketability. "Cure-all" drugs tend to be shunned by manufacturers, and held under suspicion by doctors. After all, for every legitimate healthy supplement, there are at least five bogus ones crowding it on the shelves.
Co-Q10, however, has undergone some significant research and study, and the theory behind it is eminently sound. Despite this, however, it is always important to consult a doctor or health professional before beginning any new dietary supplement.
There have been concerns about Co-Q10's side effects, notably that in some people it can cause diarrhea and rash. Because it lowers blood sugar levels, diabetics should especially be careful when using it, and always consult a doctor. As with any supplement, it is meant to be an additional, supplementary element to treating disease - it is not a treatment for chronic disease in and of itself.
Despite all this, the benefits of supplementing one's diet with Co-Q10 are clear. Interestingly, Co-Q10 is highly prevalent in fish, especially mackerel and herring. However, if you have a serious condition that would be benefited by Co-Q10 supplements, taking the concentrated pill is still recommended. See Natural Biology's 400mg of pharmaceutical CoQ10.