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Curbing Inflammation Naturally

Learn to listen to your body and address inflammation; moreover, practice these healthier lifestyle habits and inflammation may become less significant a health factor for you. As we age, inflammation increasingly becomes an issue that we must address. Consider these lifestyle changes:

  1. Exercise more - even walking daily will help curb inflammation and the habit alone helps control your body's inflammation response.
  2. Drink green tea rather than sodas and limit coffee to 2-3 cups daily.
  3. Take antioxidants. In particular we recommend EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula and/or OxyAGE.
  4. Take Turmeric and Bromelian. Both work exceedingly well in their purest form at proper strengths. Inflatrol + by Natural Biology works.
  5. Increase your Omega 3 intake. Eat wild fish or take Norwegian Omega 3 and/or Arctic Ocean Krill Oil. In the ideal situation we recommend 1 softgel of each product daily.
  6. Limit your intake of bad fats and sugar. Both add to the root cause of inflammation.
  7. Get into a yoga class. This has been demonstrated to significantly decrease inflammation.
  8. Reduce stress. Know your stress points and manage them. We know this is easier said than done.
  9. Get proper rest and sleep.
  10. Meditate.
  11. Eat the Mediterranean Diet.
  12. Being social at any age is good, particularly as you age, because it keeps all your vital functions stimulated.
When there is pain, there is usually inflammation but not necessarily.