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EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula is 100% All Natural Multivitamin

Discover why this natural multivitamin is better than an organic multivitamin

EVEREST Earth & Sea uses nature's most potent natural vitamins and micro-nutrients available on planet earth including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, phytonutrients, glyconutrients, amino acids, and adaptogenics.

  When we designed EVEREST our goal was simple "to make the best daily supplement in history."  Initially we thought this product should be organic, but to make the best product our research indicated it would have to be better than organic.  This is a big misconception that organic vitamins are always better than natural vitamins, or in this case extracts.     Organic vitamins or better yet organic phytonutrients are limited and the strength, potency, and efficacy, while good, have limitations.   Organic simply means that a plant was grown without the use of genetics or pesticides, and that the company selling them has gone through a verification process in the USA with the USDA.  Some of our ingredients in EVEREST Earth & Sea are USDA organic and some are not; however, the both of our uses exceed organic standards.  This is because almost all our ingredients are extracts, using the best processing methods to preserve the active ingredients.   Our processes also increase the purity, potency, and efficacy - in other words, improves the bioavailability and thus the benefit is exponentially increased.  

One of the primary concerns for EVEREST Earth & Sea was to validate each natural vitamin's ingredient's purity and potency to major clinical data and university research.  For example, if the meta-analysis of the three best research grants on Green Tea used 98% pure Green Tea at 50% ECGCs and to make the claims the research validated they used 300mg, then that is what was put into EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula.   To use Organic Green Tea would mean we would have to use green tea powder and that would require so much it would make you sick and still not deliver the potency 300mg of 98% extract, which is far superior to organic levels, and in particular to deliver 50% ECGCs at these health benefits. This makes EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula a one of a kind formula, and as a natural multivitamin, it exceeds organic multivitamins, because the natural vitamins used are certified by a certificate of analysis that far exceeds USDA organic testing.  The primary purpose of USDA testing is to test for metals, toxins, and pesticides.  

We test every batch of EVEREST Earth & Sea blended to insure purity levels beyond USDA organic.  It is free of any toxins, PCBs, pesticides, hormones, or heavy metals.  It is free of gluten, wheat, oats, corn, soy, lactose, tree nuts, peanuts, egges, shellfish, fish, flavors, or preservative.  It keeps fresh up to 3 years because it has an incredible antioxidant array at the highest potencies.   This not only keeps the product fresh but also activates all the other powerful micro-nutrients.  If you require organic then you will be very pleased with EVEREST Earth & Sea.   This natural multivitamin is suitable for vegans.   It does contain Colostrum from milk but does not contain lactose.

In conclusion, if you want USDA organic multivitamins then you will be pleasantly pleased with EVEREST Earth and Sea Formula, as a natural multivitamin, because EVEREST is so much more, and no organic multivitamin can come close in purity and potency to EVEREST.   If you have any questions feel free to email who is the Director of Formulation for EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula.