EVEREST Daily Protocol

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THE EVEREST PROTOCOL - A Comprehensive & Balanced Daily Supplement Plan

Take the 30 Day Challenge - after taking the EVEREST Daily Protocol you will feel the difference!

The EVEREST Daily Protocol is an advanced supplement plan that eliminates the need to take a dozen or so products. It insures you are receiving every day a comprehensive and balanced approach to vitamins, minerals, amino acids, high levels of DHA and EPA Omega 3s, extra calcium and magnesium, extra B Vitamins, extra Vitamin D, an advanced of array of the world's best antioxidants, phytonutrients, glyconutrients for a stronger immune system, adaptogenics for stress, energizers for sustainable energy levels, and pH balancing agents. All three products that constitute the EVEREST Daily Protocol are 100% natural and have extensive research for each and every micro-nutrient - and we guarantee in history there has never been a protocol this complete for under $500.
The heart and soul of this plan is the EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula which goes far beyond multivitamins and provides a multi-nutritional formula that supports your immune system, energy, cellular health, and all your body organs and systems. This multi-nutritional approach not only provides your mind and body with the fundamental building blocks it needs for health excellence - it provides what your mind and body need for peak performance.
The EVEREST Daily Protocol consist of 3 products:
    1. EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula: Take 6 capsules daily
    2. Antarctic Pure KRILL OIL* (Omega 3 Support) or Norwegian Omega 3: Take 2 soft gels daily
    3. Okinawa Coral Calcium (Marine Grade SMP44): Take 2 capsules daily

      These are products specifically designed to boost the levels of certain micro-nutrients within the EVEREST Daily Protocol based on your need, budget, and desired benefits.
      Highly Recommended:
        • Vintage Resveratrol 100%: Take 2-12 capsules to boost up the amount of reveratrol in EVEREST.
        • OxyAGE: Take 3-6 capsules daily to energize the mitochondria and reverse cellular aging.
        • Brain Rocket: Take 1 capsule every 4 hours as needed as a cognitive enhancer for improved focus, concentration, and memory.

      Recommended Based on Need:

        • OxyHGH Growth Factors: Take 4 capsules at bedtime to encourage the natural production of human growth hormone, weight loss, lean muscle development, emotional health, and skin health.
        • Astra-Zoro: Take 1-2 capsules as needed for stress managemen

        • * Krill Oil Warning:
          Do not take Krill Oil if you are allergic to Shell Fish

      We highly recommend Antarctic Pure Krill Oil because it is a superior Omega 3 source; however, if you are allergic to shell fish.Norwegian Omega 3 is an excellent choice:
      If you have any questions about what you should take - please email for answers within 24 hours.

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