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Coral Calcium and Longevity in Okinawa

The Unusual Longevity of the People of Okinaw

Okinawa is an island chain located near the southernmost edge of the Japanese mainland. This region is home to an uncommonly large population of centenarians. An article in USA Today documented some incredible data on the subject. In 2002, the Japanese government reported the existence of 457 living people over the age of 100. The area's life expectancy of 81.2 is the highest in the world. Most scientists attribute this astounding health to the customary diets of the region.

However, a number of nutritional experts have extended theories about specific dietary components that natives use to enjoy such a long life. While a combination of diet and exercise is the likely culprit, there are certain naturally-occurring nutrients that help Okinawans achieve this legendary life expectancy. The local coral calcium deposits have attracted significant scientific study. Some experts believe that Okinawan coral calcium supplements may provide an important blend of nutrients that promote health and longevity.

What Is Coral Calcium?

If we intend to understand the unusual qualities of Okinawan coral calcium, we must explore the health benefits of its generic counterpart. Coral calcium is extracted from fossilized coral reefs. However, most coral calcium extracts are taken from limestone deposits that are left behind by ancient fossils. Since living coral reefs are valuable to the ecosystem, they must be preserved in their natural state. This limits the sources which providers can use to prepare coral calcium supplements.

After extraction, coral calcium exists as a calcium salt. While the source may affect the specific composition, most coral calcium supplements include calcium carbonate, magnesium, and small amounts of various minerals. Some experts claim that the specific source of origin has a significant effect on the efficacy of the extract.

Calcium has a number of documented health benefits. Calcium carbonate is sold as an antacid. Magnesium supplementation is also common. While these constituents have nutritional utility, some individuals believe that coral calcium provides additional benefits that relate to its specific blend of trace minerals. Furthermore, Okinawan coral calcium is considered the most effective. While the precise reason for this efficacy is poorly understood, several experts believe that this may relate to the substance's specific combination of trace mineral deposits.

Exceptional Qualities of Coral Calcium Deposits from Okinawa

Hard water includes an array of mineral deposits. Calcium and magnesium typically dominate this blend. Hard water is often created by the addition of calcium carbonate. It is an alkaline substance. Most scientific studies have proven its safety. While limited positive studies have initiated an association, additional research may demonstrate benefits to cardiovascular function.

The coral calcium content in the natural water supplies of Okinawa may contribute to the longevity of people from the region. Since these natives drink hard water with assorted minerals for an entire lifetime, this may affect the pH balance of the Okinawan diet. While no single factor can completely explain these unusual life spans, their combination of diet and exercise allows for the most generous life expectancy in the world. We should closely examine all of their dietary choices for possible improvements to our own diets. While calcium carbonate and magnesium supplementation are indubitably valuable, Okinawan coral calcium may offer additional benefits that promote longevity.

Research Regarding the Effectiveness of Coral Calcium Supplementation

A study from the Higashi Sapporo Hospital in Japan examined the calcium absorption of various supplements. Coral calcium demonstrated improved bioavailability compared to other sources.

An additional study from Nutrition Research evaluated the use of coral calcium for the prevention of colon cancer. Coral calcium slowed the growth of cancer cells in vitro. Another experiment on mice demonstrated a similar inhibition of the growth of cancer cells. There was a reduction in the resultant metastasis of cancer cells in the lungs as well.

A study from the Helsinki University Central Hospital investigated the compressive strength of coral calcium implants that are used as bone substitutes. The resilience of coral calcium was considered comparable to that of human bone. This may speak to the general compatibility of coral calcium with the human body. Since it is considered more bioavailable than other calcium sources, this may explain why some claim better results from the use of Okinawan coral calcium.

The Health Benefits of Okinawan Coral Calcium Supplementation

There are a broad range of benefits associated with coral calcium supplementation. Some of these benefits relate to its constituents. For example, calcium carbonate and magnesium supplementation offer numerous well-understood health benefits. Additional attributes may be exclusive to native Okinawan mineral blends. These factors require additional research and are poorly understood. However, many believe that the blend of minerals in Okinawan coral calcium offers a number of additional health benefits.

Calcium carbonate is an antacid. This helps with indigestion and some intestinal disorders. Alkaline supplements reduce dietary acidity. For individuals who participate in dietary pH balancing, Okinawan coral calcium may be useful.

Calcium is known to fortify the bones. Some new studies may demonstrate an improvement to metabolic factors associated with this substance. While verifying this belief requires additional studies, some claim that calcium helps reduce body fat. Calcium may reduce the risk of ulcers, cardiovascular disorders, kidney stones, and migraines. It may increase brain function and wound healing. Reductions to hypertension and cholesterol have been attributed to calcium supplementation.

While a number of traditional benefits are associated with coral calcium, additional studies are needed to fully understand how this dietary component affects the longevity of Okinawan natives.

In Conclusion

The people of Okinawa enjoy unusual longevity. It is important for us to study this in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Coral calcium supplementation may hold the key to dietary improvements. Since calcium carbonate and magnesium offer a variety of benefits, Okinawan coral calcium is useful. However, this particular blend may have a number of unique attributes. If you are considering coral calcium supplementation, Natural Biology's eight year research project suggest using the highest grade which is marine grade SMP44 processed by Marine Bio.

This review should not be considered medical advice. However, careful use of coral calcium supplementation is considered safe. If you are interested in balancing the pH of your diet, try Okinawan coral calcium.
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