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RESVERATROL PROMOTION - Experience the Benefits of the Best Red Wines


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Experience the Benefits of the Best Red Wines

  • VINTAGE RESVERATROL 100% is the pefect way to receive the benefits of 200 glasses* of good Red Wine per capsule; however, if you choose to drink or share a bottle of red wine, the CORKCICLE is the perfect way to enjoy the perfect glass of wine.
  • VINTAGE RESVERATROL 100% uses French Red Wine Grape Extract which is the most naturally occurring source of Resveatrol found in nature. The CORKCICLE was co-invented by the Founder of Natural Biology's son - and is revolutionizing the wine industry. See Corkcicle's website for more details at www.corkcicle.com

*Based on the average content of French Red Wine, each capsule of Vintage Resveratrol 100% yields between 100 and 300 glasses of French Red Wine; therefore, Natural Biology uses the average of 200 glasses. The real benefit however is this form of naturally occurring resveratrol actually absorbs into the blood stream and therefore is more effective than other forms which have virtually no efficacy.