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The Best Brain Vitamins
Review by Vitamin News & Research

While there are many vitamin products on the market today, there are a select few whose claims have been backed up by a large body of scientific research. One of these is Brain Rocket, containing brain vitamins like vinpocetine, which has a real effect that has been the subject of over 2,500 university studies. I went ahead and tried Brain Rocket after looking for vitamins for concentration, and after reading that vinpocetine, a primary ingredient, was shown in scientific studies to increase blood flow to the brain. After trying it out, I can see why some doctors in Europe will actually prescribe the same ingredients found in Brain Rocket to patients as medication to improve memory and concentration. Fortunately, vinpocetine and the other brain vitamins are available in America over the counter in the form of Brain Rocket, which makes sense since these ingredients are completely natural and safe.

One study has shown that the brain nutrients in Brain Rocket sped up reaction time and improved memory by up to 35 percent in research subjects. After a couple of days of taking it, I could tell that these brain supplements were helping me to think more clearly, and I had no problem remembering a particularly tricky presentation I had to give in a meeting for work. Unlike other brain boosters that I've tried, this one doesn't merely allow to function just as well as you normally do on a good day. Brain Rocket actually improved how well my brain was working, so I can see why the manufacturer says it is marketed as a "performance driven supplement."

I took these brain vitamins every 4 hours, 3 times a day as directed, and noticed results on the second day. I felt about as clear headed as after a good workout, and studies have shown that just 30 mg of the brain boosters in Brain Rocket actually do provide as much oxygen to the brain as 4 hours of aerobic exercise. The product also contains other ingredients in the form of micro-nutrients, which have been shown in European and American studies to improve neural connectivity, meaning that memories are easier to recall, and learning can take place more easily and quickly. Since all of the ingredients found in Brain Rocket are natural, they are completely safe when taken as directed, which is why such a powerful brain vitamin is available without a prescription. I didn't notice any side effects whatsoever with these brain supplements, unlike the negative things that can occur when taking stimulants or other drugs to improve brain function. In fact, vinpocetine is the strongest non-prescription cognitive enhancer available on the market today, and it has the scientific evidence to back it up.

Brain Rocket is the best cognitive enhancer that I've tried, and I'm willing to bet that you'll see some great results as well. It's the best brain vitamins available, since it's easily accessible and affordable, and you don't have to worry about any negative effects with it.