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The Healing Revolution is a personal choice....

The Healing Revolution is not a system of dos and don’ts. It’s not a health “program.”

Instead the Healing Revolution is all about discovering the life and potential that is already within you.

The tools to vibrant health are quite literally in your genes.

They are at your fingertips.

You are designed for a wonderful purpose which you can discover and live out for the rest of your long and happy life.

These are the foundational truths of the Healing Revolution. Everything else builds upon these truths.

  • You are designed to live long and well.
  • The power to heal is within you.
  • There is no such thing as an incurable disease.
  • You are a whole being: the health of your body, mind and spirit are intertwined.
  • Your lifestyle choices have a significant impact upon your health and happiness.
  • Many of today’s foods, activities and lifestyle choices inhibit your body’s ability to heal and restore itself.
  • A natural lifestyle removes negative health inhibitors.
  • A natural lifestyle frees the healing powers and potential within you.
  • You need not work harder, but smarter, by making small changes in the Eight Essential areas.
  • Your attitude will determine your altitude. To reach the highest heights, have an open mind and a positive attitude.
  • Your body is the doctor and the healer.

Learn to tap into your body’s remarkable ability.

This excerpt comes from Dr. Frank King’s book, The Healing Revolution: Eight Natural Essentials for Life and Health.

Copyright 2013, Frank J. King, Jr. All rights reserved. Do not use without written permission from the author.