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Find Out Just How Close we Are - It Motivates Us Every Day

I am often asked what motivates Natural Biology to keep pushing the frontiers of natural supplement development & research - and the answer for me is easy. I make supplements I want to take myself and give my family.

by Steve Bruner - Natural Biology's Founder

17 years ago, one of the top nutritionist in the country recommended I take 8 different products totaling over 30 pills per day.
It cost me wholesale over $250 per month but he benefits were amazing. I had energy. I started sleeping better. I stopped getting allergies. No more colds. My mood improved. My vitality was off the charts. It was however extremely challenging to a guy who hates taking pills. Beside expensive, taking 30 pills became too much a part of my day. I felt too good to stop, but I hated popping pills all day.

When I founded Natural Biology in 2002 I had two goals.My first goal was to source and offer high quality clinical grade ingredient. Clinical grade nutrients are different than food grade –they are more expensive and usually only found in holistic physician offices. With the advent of the internet I saw a way to sell direct, and offer clinical grade ingredients and formulations at the same price food grade supplements cost. That is why so many of our supplements have become so popular – people save money and receive a better quality. For example, our Vintage Resveratrol 100% is clinical grade - offering the purest form of resveatrol found in nature. That is why it works whereas most resveratrol products are a waste of money because they do not work at the cellular level. Our Okinawa Coral Calcium is the purest form tested to have high efficacy in human beings.

My next goal, was to figure out how to reduce 30 pills per day into a viable supplement protocol. I knew we could, but it was a long and difficult road. Today, the science and natural ingredient processing is better than ever - and with our commitment to quality, we are doing things beyond what I ever imagined. 17 years later, over 50 products with 100s of iterations, we've perfected daily supplements with EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula, OxyAGE, 4 GRAMS, VITA-TRATES, and now 7 BASICS. Our daily supplements are full of health & energy – nutritionally rich micro-nutrients - high levels of therapeutic active ingredients (natural) – research proven – pure, organic, potent - and a complex array of the best antioxidants possible.

Natural Biology was the first company in 2005 to define multi-nutrient formulations, and later multi-functionals. This took multivitamins beyond high potency and whole food to entirely new levels. We are proud we've led the industry in these developments - and now we are leading again. 7 BASICS is what we are going to call a Super Nutrient formula that is also multi-nutritional and multi-functional. The future of supplement has never been brighter.

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