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Natural Biology Labs has been researching brain supplements for over eight years now. Until now we followed the more traditional ingredients simply because we did not see a viable alternative that justifed the cost. In fact, our EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula supplies a rich and abundant nutrient source of micro-nutrients for the brain. It would be difficult for us to improve upon this supply of nutrition for cognitive health; however, recent research and improvement in ingredients has changed our mind that now there is a viable brain supplement that can significantly impact brain health beyond our base formula. If you do not feel the need to improve your brain function then stick to EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula which is an incredible maintenance program. BRAIN ROCKET 2020 is the antithesis of other brain supplements which do not follow an orthomolecular model of formulation. It will be based entire on peer to peer clinical data and duplicate potencies and ingredients used.

Increasing life span brings along the problems of aging, including intellectual decline, brain fog, and memory loss. Perhaps the most compelling new brain supplements in the U.S. nutraceutical market is BioVinca™. BioVinca™ vinpocetine is a powerful memory enhancer derived from the lesser periwinkle (Vinca minor L.). Vinpocetine has been found to increase blood flow and increase glucose metabolism in human brains.

Vinpocetine carries an impressive body of solid scientific evidence backing claims of cognitive enhancement in humans. Indeed, vinpocetine is the only mental dietary supplement for which a direct mechanism of action has been proposed and scientifically verified.

Vinpocetine is a cerebral vasodilator, a substance that improves blood flow preferentially to the brain. Vinpocetine has been shown to do this by altering the rheological properties of blood. This makes vinpocetine of particular therapeutic use in treating a myriad of illnesses associated with insufficient blood flow to the brain. In addition, vinpocetine is a dependent phosphodiesterase inhibitor. Phosphodiesterase is responsible for breaking down ATP, the primary energy “currency” of all cells. As this phosphodiesterase inhibition is specific to the brain, this results in a localized increase in energy available to neurons.

In addition, vinpocetine has been found to be a nootropic, a substance that improves cognitive function in healthy humans. Alone among natural supplements, vinpocetine has been shown to improve short-term memory in healthy volunteers.

Vinpocetine has received quite a lot of attention from the scientific community: a simple MEDLINE search turns up over 150 studies on vinpocetine published in medical journals. Vinpocetine has also received much attention in the popular press, including an article in the Wall Street Journal.

With the approval of vinpocetine as a dietary supplement by the FDA (July, 1999), and introduction of vinpocetine products by the largest manufacturers in the dietary supplement industry, the demand of vinpocetine by consumers is sure to drastically increase.

BioVinca ™ is the only vinpocetine product that has been clinically-studied. All of the research collected here was performed using BioVinca™ (known as Cavinton® in Europe). This product is manufactured in Europe in our GMP facility that is registered with the FDA, and is in constant inventory in our ISO9002-certified distribution center in rvine, California. Every batch of BioVinca ™ undergoes the NutriPrint™ quality assurance system, which includes over thirty QC tests at the manufacturing facility, following a European Pharmacopiae-designated regimen.


Vinpocetine, the active constituent of BioVinca™, has been widely studied in humans and on animal models ( VP 1 – VP 23). Of particular interest is the observed ability of vinpocetine to increase short-term memory and increase critical reaction time in healthy volunteers (VP 1).

BioVinca™ increases blood flow to the brain. It accomplishes this in two complementary ways:

1) Reduction in flow resistance of cerebral vessels (VP 17).

2) Improve the rheological properties of blood through the inhibition of platelet aggregation and by increasing the deformability of red blood cells of erythrocytes (VP 14). As a result, BioVinca ™ reduces blood viscosity and enhances microcirculation.

3) Inhibit the enzyme phosphodiesterase. Phosphodiesterase (see figure below) is the enzyme responsible for breaking down the molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP) into adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and adenosine monophosphate (AMP). ATP is the primary energy “currency” of all biochemical reactions. Inhibiting phosphodiesterase activity in the brain increases the levels of ATP in cells and hence increases the amount of energy available to neurons.

As a true nootropic, the effects of BioVinca ™ are confined to the brain. Accordingly, toxicity is very low. Indeed, vinpocetine is much less toxic than other commonly-consumed alkaloids of similar size and bioavailability (e.g., caffeine,theobromine).